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Located on the southwest coast of Canada, and just north of the US border, Burnaby is centrally located in the heart of the Greater Vancouver area – with easy access to downtown Vancouver, the North Shore Mountains to the northwest, Whistler to the north and the Vancouver International Airport just 20 minutes south from the city centre. With a population of approximately 197,000, Burnaby has evolved from a predominantly suburban, bedroom community to an urban, cosmopolitan centre.  Situated on the Burrard Peninsula between Vancouver to the west and New Westminster and Coquitlam to the east, Burnaby’s elevation ranges from sea level to a maximum of 1,200 feet atop Burnaby Mountain. Your Burnaby Bed and Breakfast operators will tell you the city is one of hills, valleys and alluvial plain. Many of the city’s natural features include two large freshwater lakes, naturally forested mountain parklands, an ocean beach, a multitude of neighbourhood parks and open space – many with fish-bearing rivers and streams.

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