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Hope British Columbia is a vibrant town on the banks of the mighty Fraser River. Just a 90-minute drive from Vancouver, and a 3-hour drive from Seattle, it is the gateway to the interior of British Columbia. You pass through Hope on the way to the Fraser Canyon or heading to the Coquihalla Highway. 

At the confluence of the Fraser and Coquihalla Rivers Hope offers a wide range of wilderness to explore, including the sprawling beauty of the Fraser Valley on the westerly way to the Pacific coast, nearby desert canyons and forested mountains surrounding the town,

Hope is known for its chainsaw carvings displayed around the downtown core.  An interesting fact is that its wider than normal roads were originally designed so that a full team of wagons could make a 180 degree turn in town.

East of Hope are the famous Othello Quintette Tunnels.  Located along the canyon of the Coquihalla River and originally part of the now abandoned Kettle Valley Railway, five tunnels and a series of bridges give spectacular views of the Coquihalla gorge.

Nearby Manning Park and Hemlock Valley offer both cross country and alpine skiing in winter, as well as snowtubing and tobogganing.  Both areas of course offer hiking and exploration in summer time as well.  The Fraser Canyon is a spectacular drive north from Hope.  Stop at Hell’s Gate where the canyon walls rise more than a 1000 meters above the rapids of the mightly Fraser River.

Stay at a Hope Bed & Breakfast and stop an extra day to not miss the beautiful surroundings, before heading on your way.