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Wycliffe, British Columbia, is a small community between Cranbrook and Kimberley in the east Kootenay region. This community is situated in the St. Marys River Valley. The St. Marys River is a premier trout stream in the area, known for excellent flyfishing, and runs into St. Marys Lake. Perry Creek Falls is another nearby attraction, plus the area is also known for birdwatching and wildlife viewing as it is known as the designated Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor. A new fitness trail between Kimberley and Cranbrook is a great trail for biking or hiking. Several excellent golf courses are nearby as well. The Kimberley Alpine Resort provides excellent skiing in the Kootenays. In early August each year, Wycliffe is home to the Cranbrook Pro Rodeo. Wycliffe was home to one of the largest railway logging operations in the East Kootenay area until 1927, the Staples Lumber Company. The development of the sawmill grew the community of Wycliffe. There are remnants of the sawmill still to be found in Wycliffe, although all are on private property. Our Wycliffe Bed & Breakfast innkeepers look forward to sharing the attractions and activities in this part of the Kootenays with their visitors.