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Fright Nights in Vancouver

Dateline British Columbia: Vancouver’s Playland has been taken over by escaped maniacs, grizzled ghouls, and shambling zombies who have renamed the premiere amusement park Fright Nights in honor of their favorite time of the year – Halloween!

Haunted houses, mutated monsters, and nerve-rattling rides await all who dare enter Fright Nights!

In the Asylum, the mad have taken over and the few doctors left have joined them in their ranting revelries. Excessive shock treatments, unnecessary surgeries, and criminal insanity wanders the wards – watch yourself!

Hollywood Horrors brings your favorite boogeymen down from the flickering screen to land cackling in your lap. Evil dolls, hockey-masked murderers, reanimated corpses, and bloody chainsaws are on the playbill – did you bring the popcorn?

Fright Nights’ Hair Raising Rides await only the bravest of the brave: Swing high above the ground on Atomosfear; feel the g’s as Corkscrew takes you through its radically twisting course; strap in and spin out of control on Hell’s Gate; and many more, all included with the price of admission!

Laugh ‘til you die with the Monsters of Schlock sideshow – two wickedly funny, physical comedians performing unimaginable stunts, tricks, and feats of dippity-do in the style of the three stooges meet the freakshow. Wince all you like, but don’t look away.

Walk the halls of the Haunted Mansion if you dare, face your phobias in Fear, run screaming from the 3-d horror of clowns in the Car-N-Evil, and stumble blind through Darkness but, whatever you do – don’t miss out on this chance to scare yourself silly at Playland’s Fright Nights!

Playland’s Fright Nights

6 Haunted Houses, 12 rides, and The Monsters of Schlock sideshow, you’ll be scared silly – and have a horribly good time! Fright Nights is on now and possessing Playland on select dates until November 2.
For tickets and more information: www.frightnights.ca

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