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Haida Gwaii (“Islands of the People”), formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, is an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia. Consisting of two main islands, Graham Island in the north, and Moresby Island in the south, along with approximately 150 smaller islands, Haida Gwaii is quickly becoming known across the world as one of the most spectacular and astonishing places to visit. And with it in our own province, why would we not want to make a trip to see what its all about.

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Being the most westerly part of Canada, Haida Gwaii is known for its breathtaking scenery, quaint villages, white sand beaches, and also being part of the Canadian $20 bill. Depicting a Haida Chief, the art work known as the ‘Spirit of Haida Gwaii’ is featured on the reverse side of the Canadian $20 bill. Although the Spirit of the Haida Gwaii is the most popular piece of art coming from the island communities, Haida art is also frequently seen on large monumental sized cedar totem poles and dugout canoes, hand-crafted gold and silver jewellery, and even as cartoons in the form of Haida Manga.

So I know you’re asking yourself; what exactly do I do while visiting this gorgeous location in the Pacific? Well, where shall I begin? Haida Gwaii is a great destination for adventurers, sports enthusiasts, or individuals, couples, and families who merely want to vacation in a relaxing environment and soak up culture. Some great activities to take part in while visiting include, but are not limited to, biking, surfing, fishing, beach combing, birdwatching, as well as trip to Gwaii HaanasGwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site  protects an archipelago of 138 islands, the largest being Moresby Island and the southernmost being Kunghit Island. While visiting this marvellous part of Haida Gwaii you will be witness to ancient cedars, hemlocks and Sitka spruce which tower over an undergrowth of salal, shrubs, ferns and moss, patterning the forest with many shades of green.

Being a fairly small part of the province of British Columbia, Haida Gwaii does not offer as much of an abundance of accommodations to its visitors as other parts of the province. But Smillies Bed & Breakfast is a great place to call home while visiting. On the shore of Masset Inlet, Smillies B&B offers three rooms set in a seaside cottage style. Breakfast is delivered to your room which also has a kitchenette and barbecue.   It is the perfect spot for a quaint and private trip to British Columbia’s most spectacular region.