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Visit Victoria's Miniature WorldIf you were ever fascinated by the story of Gulliver’s travels to the land of Lilliput, then a visit to Victoria’s Miniature World – billed as “The Greatest Little Show On Earth!” – is the perfect afternoon distraction for you!

Victoria’s Miniature World is a wonderful, sprawling collection of worlds and histories, painstakingly recreated in miniature and laid out for your delighted exploration. Part museum, part fantasy land, and all fascinating, the various lands on display in Victoria’s Miniature World will fascinate and astonish you – whether you’re young or old!

Featuring over 85 exciting miniature dioramas and displays, Victoria’s Miniature World will:

Launch you into the future with Space 2201
Make you witness to historical feats of daring and bravery in the Fields of Glory
Open the doors to the past with the Great Canadian Railway and Frontier Land
Whisk you away to the might and majesty of knights and dragons in the Enchanted Valley of Castles and Fantasy Land
Transport you overseas to London Town and the World of Dickens
Treat you to an incredibly detailed and varied array of miniatures in the expansive Dollhouses collection
Display the survival ingenuity of the shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson
Allow you to crawl under the “little top” of Circus World
And, the latest addition, introduce you to King Arthur’s roundtable at Camelot!

Victoria’s Miniature World provides you with an absorbing experience that you’ll remember for years to come – and yearn to return to! Not only are there always new additions and updates to Miniature World but there is just too much to see in one visit – each return brings new discoveries.

Miniature World

649 Humboldt St., Victoria B.C.
For directions, hours, tickets, and more, please visit: www.miniatureworld.com

Victoria Lodging
Victoria’s Miniature World is fascinating and beautiful but you shouldn’t feel like you’re getting squeezed for less than you paid for when it comes to your lodging! During your Victoria vacation, stay at a local bed and breakfast inn to receive the kind of service and amenities that are the proper fit for you.