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This time of year we become accustomed to bright, multi-coloured lights twinkling in the dark – but what of a world where this is always the case? Luminescence at Vancouver Aquarium brings you up close and personal to a world where glowing colours are the rule, not the exception.

Luminescence at Vancouver Aquarium allows you and yours to get up close and personal with the amazing world of bioluminescence and fluorescence that flourishes deep beneath the waves. Fascinate and educate yourself with numerous exhibits that reveal and explain glowing corals, anemones, jellies, and many others.

Enjoy the scintillating patterns of light playing on a swarm of almost one hundred jellyfish suspended overhead at Jelly Swarm. This unique, LED light installation, created by Tangible Intervention in collaboration with origami artist Joseph Wu, allows you to adjust and play with the lighting via a touch-surface interface that will have you mesmerized.

Immerse yourself in the new Deep-Dive Interactive exhibit: a floor-to-ceiling digital experience that takes you down to the darkest depths of the ocean to explore this incredible, hidden world. Compare depths of oceans with the heights of mountains and see the bioluminescent creatures that call this dark world of immense pressure home.

Marvel at the electric eel powered Christmas tree and hey – let us not forget Scuba Claus! Scuba Claus is back once again to delight onlookers as he delivers “gifts” to all the good, little salmon, rockfish, sturgeon, and sea star children in the Strait of Georgia exhibit.

Luminescence at Vancouver Aquarium

a celebration of aquatic light
November 28, 2013 to January 22, 2014
For further information and details, please visit: www.vanaqua.org

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