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Mineral Pool at the Nakusp Hot Springs

Nestled deep within the natural beauty of the Kuskanax valley, locals and tourists alike have been flocking to the Nakusp Hot Springs to relax and revive their lives for decades. Offering over 200 acres of outdoor recreational opportunities from the mineral pools to hiking, biking, and fishing, the Nakusp Hot Springs, and the Arrow Lakes region is a gem in British Columbia’s Kooteneys.

Offering two outdoor pools, one hot and one warm, the Nakusp Hot Springs is the perfect place to rest your aching body and revitalize yourself when you are feeling weighed down with your day to day life. Not only do the pools provide a great excuse to relax, they are also known to provide many health benefits. Two years ago a Hungarian medical study by seven PhD scholars, showed that hot spring soaking is an effective treatment modality in elderly patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or with chronic low back pain, and its benefits lasted for at least 3 months after treatment. Say what? Relaxing in a pool of hot mineral water is good for my health? Sign me up!

And the mineral pools at the Nakusp Hot Springs are only the tip of the ice berg when visiting this region. The Arrow Lakes, which in essence are simply a widening of the Columbia River, offer great recreational opportunities including fishing and water sports. Stretching from Castlegar to Revelstoke, the lakes are surrounded by dense forests home to a great diversity of wildlife from Eagles to Grizzly Bears. The region is also well visited by ATV and snowmobile enthusiasts who can find great trails no matter where they look, and by winter activists who are looking for a spot to strap on their cross country skies and snowshoes.

Only a short drive away from four provincial parks and famous cities such as Revelstoke and Nelson, the Nakusp Hot Springs is a fantastic destination which should not be passed on. And with many great Kootenay Bed and Breakfasts in the region there really is no excuse to skip out on an opportunity to escape the city life and give your mind, body and soul a break while relaxing in the hot mineral pools.