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After The Red Chair’s visit to Whistler and Pemberton, he was back on the bus to visit two Kelowna Bed & Breakfasts he’d missed on his earlier visit to the Okanagan Region.

On the edge of historic Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, overlooking the city of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake, you’ll find Myra Canyon Ranch.  Not only is Myra Canyon Ranch a Bed & Breakfast, it also offers an Adventure Park as well as Kelowna Stables at Myra Canyon Ranch.  Red was excited to find out what kind of adventures were awaiting him here!  There was lots of snow at the ranch but his B&B room was cozy and comfortable.  With lots of windows, there were great views everywhere he looked, but the best view was from up on the roof!  The Adventure Park included Ropes and Challenge aerial courses for all ages as well as well as Slack Lines, Climbing and Frisbee Golf.  Sadly, this was winter with lots of snow on the ground so Red wasn’t able to try all of these out, but he certainly looked around!  He did meet the horses at the stables and they were pretty curious to meet Red too!

The Horses at Kelowna Stables at Myra Canyon are pretty curious to meet The Red Chair

The Horses at Kelowna Stables at Myra Canyon are pretty curious to meet The Red Chair

Myra Canyon Meadow Vista Honey Wines

Red makes a wonderful new friend at the Meadow Vista Honey Winery near Myra Canyon Ranch

getting the best view at Myra Canyon

The best view of Okanagan Lake from Myra Canyon Ranch B&B is from up high!

Being back in the Okanagan, his stay at Myra Canyon meant more wine touring of course!  The very unique Summerhill Pyramid Winery was the first stop, followed by Camelot (complete with medieval suits of armor), House of Rose, Tantalus Vineyards and the

The Red Chair checks out the unique Summerhill Pyramid Winery

The Red Chair checks out the unique Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Meadow Vista Honey Winery where Red made a wonderful new friend! All of these wineries were within 10 minutes of Myra Canyon Ranch so after all the sampling, Red was back home quickly at his “home away from home” to relax and savor all that he’d tasted.  If he wasn’t continually traveling he’d be taking home lots of wines from his travels through ALL the wine regions he’d visited!  Red’s final outing with innkeepers Rolf and Kathrin was out to the Kettle Valley Railway Trail which, while snow covered now, is a wonderful walking and cycling trail with numerous trestles in Myra Canyon, a great favorite attraction  especially with cyclists.

His next wonderful B&B hosts were Joy & Jake at the Chesterfield B&B right in the city of Kelowna.  The Chesterfield B&B was built on the historic site of the former Chesterfield Boys School and the Miss Hewitson School and opened in 2012.  Joy and Jake specifically geared their B&B to guests needing to be close to the Kelowna hospital as well as downtown and the lake. One of their guest rooms is completely wheelchair accessible and also accommodates a caregiver, but Red had booked the king room with claw-foot soaker tub!

Out and about along the Kelowna Boardwalk

Out and about along the Kelowna Boardwalk

When you're in Kelowna, you must check out the Ogopogo statue. Red didn't want to miss it!

When you’re in Kelowna, you must check out the Ogopogo statue. Red didn’t want to miss it!

After breakfast they were off to visit the Tourism Kelowna office and to explore the city.  There is a great boardwalk along Okanagan Lake with summertime buskers and entertainment and lots of activities. Red admired the Kelowna bear made out of recycled materials, a tribute to the founding of Kelowna, which means grizzly bear in the Salish language. And of course they had to stop to see the statue of Ogopogo, the sea serpent monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake! A hike up Knox Mountain rewarded Red with a great view over the city. Knox Mountain Park is a great natural park area in Kelowna, one of numerous great parks around the city.  Visits to the Okanagan Heritage Museum and Military Museums rounded out Red’s visit to Kelowna.  He learned a lot about the city, enough to know he’d like to come back and experience Kelowna in the spring or summer time!

As always it was hard to leave and check out of the Chesterfield B&B, but Red had another bus ride ahead of him, leaving the snow behind.  Next stop: Vancouver Island!