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It was a time that we have all imagined living in, whether it be roaming the plains as a cattle herder, panning for gold in the Caribou, or living in a quaint one road town.  The 1800’s are a part of history that shaped the nation we live in. And it is all just a car ride away in Vernon, B.C. at the O’Keefe Ranch. O’Keefe Ranch was established in 1876 and was operated by the O’Keefe family for 110 years. Today it is a popular tourist destination for families who are looking to experience the rich Okanagan history.

St. Anne's Church

An attraction for young men from all over North America who were looking to experience a piece of the ‘cowboy’ lifestyle, O’Keefe Ranch became a very popular destination for those looking to start a new life. There is even a record of a Mexican ‘vaquero’ working at the ranch. Today tourists can visit the ranch and explore a dozen different buildings which bring to life the treasures the ranch once held. From the O’Keefe House to the General Store, history can be discovered everywhere you look.

The ranch is also home to a country style restaurant to enjoy for lunch and dinner. Cattlemen’s Club Restaurant offers a great menu sure to please the whole family looking for a good country meal. Kick back and relax in the restaurant before taking the children to play with the vast array of livestock that call the ranch home.

And for those who are interested in making O’Keefe Ranch a special part of their family history, weddings can be held at St. Anne’s Church or the brand new outdoor pavilion.  So whether you are looking to learn more about the Okanagan’s history, take in the adventures of the past, or start your new life off in style, make sure to think of O’Keefe Ranch as your next destination. And only minutes away from Silverstar Ski Resort, Kalamalka Lake, and the MotoPlex Speedway, O’Keefe Ranch is right in the heart of the Okanagan’s adventure hub.