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2014 victoria whisky festivalReady or not, here it comes: the 2014 Victoria Whisky Festival is upon us!

Each January, lovers of all things whisky gather in Victoria, British Columbia for one of the world’s top whisky festivals, the Victoria Whisky Festival.

The Victoria Whisky Festival runs from Thursday the 16th through Sunday the 19th of January 2014 at the 5 star Hotel Grand Pacific located on Victoria’s beautiful B&Ber Harbour – and what an event this will be!

What makes the Victoria Whisky Festival special is that, even though it is too well organized and dressed up to look like it, it is a non-profit event; all proceeds go to charity – so no guilt, there!

Over the four days you will have the opportunity to not only view, smell, and taste world class whiskies but also to meet whisky celebrities and fans from the world over, attend whisky masterclasses presented by veterans of the distilling world, and … well, isn’t that enough?

Just look at this schedule!

Of course, there is more to a whisky festival than tasting, appreciating, and learning about whiskies – there’s surviving the festival! The key is to not overindulge. If you find yourself becoming overly familiar with the nap of the rug, it may be time to pull back a touch. Practice quality over quantity and be sure to drink lots of water during the tasting. A good meal before hand will help too, but be sure it is one containing foods that wont affect your palette!

During the tasting, your sense of smell can be temporarily overwhelmed by all the strong alcohol. Sniffing a glass of water for a few moments – then taking a good slug of it – should get your nose and palette back on their, er, feet. Along these lines, do avoid wearing any strong scents – perfumes, colognes, and aftershaves are a decided no-no at a whisky tasting.

See you there!

The 2014 Victoria Whisky Festival

January 16-19th at the Hotel Grand Pacific, Victoria, BC
for more information, please visit: www.victoriawhiskyfestival.com/

Victoria Lodging
The Victoria Whisky Festival supports responsible drinking. It is a condition of entry that attendees do not drink and drive and participants who require a ride will be provided one within the Capital Regional District – so what better reason could you have for staying at a local Victoria bed and breakfast inn? None at all!