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The Best-Loved Dolls of the Past 100 Years at the Sidney Museum
The Sidney Museum in Sidney, British Columbia is offering a unique perspective of history through an exhibit of the evolution of the Best-Loved Dolls of the Past 100 Years.

We’ve all had or seen dolls: Barbie, G.I. Joe, Cabbage Patch, baby dolls, china dolls, etc. – but who ever considered how the trends of doll manufacturing reflect the culture that makes them? Dolls are windows into our cultural history, demonstrating social change and the ever shifting social image we have of ourselves.

Of course, dolls are primarily the playthings of little girls, or were, so much of the Best-Loved Dolls of the Past 100 Years exhibit focuses on the changes in our culture towards women and girls – but boys are not completely left out.

Over 400 dolls are included in the display, most from a single collection. The oldest doll on display is a china doll from Germany dressed in elaborate lacework dating from the 1880s, while the newest is a toy still available in stores. The Best-Loved Dolls of the Past 100 Years exhibit presents the dolls in descriptive dioramas and visitors to the museum can participate in three doll-themed contests.

The first is a doll-fashion designing contest, wherein you are given the opportunity to design a costume on a paper-doll provided at the exhibit. The second contest is a scavenger hunt through the exhibit. Visitors are given a list of items to look for among the 400-doll display. The final contest is of a similar nature but takes place outside the museum: participating businesses on Beacon Avenue are displaying dolls in their store windows. Contestants are encouraged to list the participating businesses on their entry form to compete.

Finally, the first 75 visitors to bring an American Girl doll to the museum on Saturday, June 21st will be awarded a free prize. A similar offer is in place for the first 75 people who bring their Barbies in on Thursday, July 24th. Don’t miss this fun and fascinating display!

The Best-Loved Dolls of the Past 100 Years

Now through July 30th, 2014
Sidney Museum
2423 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, BC

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