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The Sunshine Coast stretches along the northeast shores of the Strait of Georgia from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound. With its coastal mountain range, old growth forests, lakes and inlets, each stop along the Coast offers visitors a unique sense of place, featuring local history, cultural heritage and natural attractions. Immerse yourself in marine activities such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, pleasure cruising, sport fishing, scuba diving, swimming, and beachcombing.

This all-season recreation destination offers golf, backcountry snowshoeing and telemark skiing, bird watching, horseback riding, air and marine tours and more! Relax by the ocean with the resident otters, seals, herons and bald eagles.

Dine in a variety of fine waterfront restaurants and bistro-style cafes. Each community has its own offering of shopping experiences: galleries, art studios, collectibles, antique stores and shopping centers. The Sunshine Coast is famous for its artists, crafters and small town hospitality.

Well-mapped and amply signed, the Sunshine Coast is easily toured on your own. Stop by the local tourism offices that are well stocked with maps and things to do in each area. Don’t rush your visit: meander waterfront walks, take a boat charter, find a gem of a restaurant on the waterfront or take a walk in the woods.

If you are driving the Coast Circle Tour please don’t forget to ask for a Coast Circle Pac ferry ticket which will save you 15% on all 4 ferry cruises.

Gibsons is the home of Molly’s Reach, known through the acclaimed TV series, “The Beachcombers”. This delightful area is located one ferry cruise away from Vancouver. Gibsons has a population base of around 8,018 and is continually growing as more city dwellers seek a quieter lifestyle and natural surroundings. In the summer this town is bustling with many tourists enjoying all there is to do on the coast. There are many festivals happening throughout the year so plan ahead in order to get the B&B accommodation of your choice.

Sechelt is the Lower Sunshine Coast’s largest town and is located between the Sechelt Inlet and the Strait of Georgia. The rich native heritage of the Shishalh Nation is very evident around the town.

Enjoy the beaches of Porpoise Bay and hike into Smugglers Cove Provincial Marine Park. Partake of a round of golf at one of the local golf courses. Stop by the many shops offering some of the finest in clothing and travel attire. Pay the local artists a visit as you drive by their shops.

Powell River is situated at the top of the Sunshine Coast, 2 ferry cruises away from Vancouver or one across the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver Island. The population is approximately 16,000 in an area stretching 59 kilometers from Saltery Bay to Lund. Powell River encompasses a vast area which includes the Sunshine Coast Trail and numerous lakes for swimming and fly fishing. Powell River is famous for its music festivals, local pottery, fine restaurants, clothing boutiques and well known artists and galleries.

Lund is situated at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast, with a year round population of 250. Take a short water taxi ride across to Savary Island and enjoy the sandy beaches, not unlike Hawaii. Lund is the gateway to Desolation Sound, BC’s largest marine park. Kayakers can be seen paddling the inland waters and sightseeing charters offer scenic explorations of the sound. Check out the famous bakery and carving gallery behind the Lund Hotel. Stroll through the newly renovated, oldest hotel on the coast and feast on some local sea food.

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