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Recipe Submitted by the A Apples ~N~ Wine B&B

Wickedly Delicious Roasted Veggie Boats

Corn on the cob with husks on; at least 1 per person.
Garlic Cloves peel and chopped fine
Red and yellow and/or green peppers
Fresh Asparagus (cleaned and trimmed)
Onion (red and/or white)
Black Pepper
Smoked Gouda; chopped into small cubes or shredded (1/2 � 1 � cups more is better! Balance it out to the amount of veggies and how many boats you are making).
Fresh Cilantro (optional), chopped fine

How to:
Carefully remove the husks throw away the silk but keep the husks as intact as possible.
Soak your wooden skewers and your de-silked corn husks for 20 minutes. (or so!)
Boil the corn (add to boiling water for 3 minutes) and or roast naked cobs on bbq, too, if you like.
Fire up the BBQ and skewer your veggies and grill/roast your asparagus, onion, whole garlic cloves and peppers. Brush/mist lightly with olive oil if you want. Grill each type of veggie skewer separately; asparagus and peppers and garlic…you can just throw onion slices on the grill if you want or cut into chunks and skewer and roast that way.
Once everything is cool enough to handle; chop/dice all bbq veggies, squish the garlic add chopped cilantro and the smoked gouda.
Use one husk leaf as the boat/bowl; scoop up veggie/cheese mix and then use to other husks to tie the package closed.
Place boats on warm BBQ (not hot) to melt the cheese and then serve.